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I can unblock you from a mobsters wall.

That's right! I have the power to unblock you when a mobsters gets mad and sets the privacy setting to block you.

I can also disable there comment wall. Or I can block you from someone's wall and re-enable it as well. If you have been blocked and want to be unblocked please email the id of the person that has blocked your comments and the id you want unblocked and I can help.

The best part is if they are running a script to keep your wall off I know exactly how to stop that! I can keep your wall up or keep there's off during a war.

If this is happening to you please track me down or by to assist. If I have the time and am near a machine I can and will help. MOBSTERS HELP MOBSTERS!

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  1. Someone has been doing this to me. Can you help?

  2. I need to get my wall “re-inabled” can you help? and thanks!!

  3. My comment wall has been disabled thru scripting somehow. Can you help? Thanks

  4. MOBSTERS HELP MOBSTERS I ALWAYS SAY! So yes I have and can continue to help. All I ask is some support! Spread the word about my sites and send your friends in mobsters to my sites.

  5. so how can i do that ???

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