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APR 30th 2010  


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 Add me to your mob!!


PLEASE SEND ME ENERGY IN MOBSTERS!!!! I will return any energy
Textart aka 5150 Sicilian  Again my mobster id is (22) 16762609
I just started a new job and I am completing some tag
request then I will release the new tags I have already created..

Today's News:      

some new sites to assist you with your mob family! (
and (

are a couple sites I have created to assist you and your mobsters
family!  The first site I created is to help you deal with
mobtard's, communication, and recruiting! Its called Mob Lounge and
can be googled
or simply found at
will work too.. So book mark it! 
There is a lot to do there..! There are 25000 flash games
to play along with a ton of chat rooms
including a
Lounge to hang
out a Night
Club called
Night Life so singles can mingle a Recruiting Section
to help grow your mob a War Room Section with 8 available rooms for
some privacy when chatting with mobtard's or your family when working
out issues with other mobs and a Godfathers Lounge for the
Godfathers, Bosses, and other heads of state in the mobs to chat and

Apr, 05th 2010      

Free Mob Site
Hosting!!!! Yup that's right!! I will be more that glad to host your
mobsite free!!  I also make free mobsites.. You can see a
couple of sites that I have created and am currently working on at
the following addresses (
( and (
If you are interested in my work and would like to get more
information about mob sites and my hosting services please go to  Everything
you need to know is laid out there.. It covers all the hosting
information, the free hosting information, and mobsite information..
Please read everything there before emailing me about hosting..

Feb, 10th 2010      

Join a Family and Featured Adds

you need to do is send me a email to
to get your family banner added if
you are recruiting! Its free and only requires you link back and
spread the word about me and what I do for the mob community. Also
you can get your mobster added to the front page for free as well.
Please again email your info ( myspace id ) so I can pull your
avatar and add ya for free.... Please use this if the add train is
not working for you.. Its free and everyone will be in rotation


Jan, 16th 2010

Today's News:      

Mobster games added

really like the flash beta missions in mobsters so I thought I would
find something similar for everyone to play when your here getting
tags..  I added [



and [

S.A.S Zombie Assault
I stripped all the adds out of everything except what's in the intro
of the game.  After there add you can play for free unhindered
buy anything other than game play..

- -


Jan, 15th 2010

Today's News:      

are the tags I requested? 

that some of the other stuff is out of the way I can get started on
tags and the current tag request! If you are waiting on a tag don't
worry because if you emailed me its on the way.  This is not a
quick process  and can require minutes to hours to complete... 
( regardless there are no charges for my work )  All I ask is
you support my sponsors by stopping into their sites for a minute
and you spread the word about me and what I do for you as a mobsters



Jan 14th 2010

Today's News:      


If you
are wondering why your tags aren't done and I've been absent......
Don't worry this site is my baby!

Well I decided to make my own game. Not to compete with mobsters but
as an alternative to being on myspace all the time for all the action.. I
wanted something I could do when I couldn't get to myspace from work.
I also hate it when Mobsters is down.. Don't worry though because we will be
on myspace with our app and you can use your MyspaceID with Myspace Offsite ID
to play even when myspace is having issues.. We are so tired of the botting
and all the players that just keep attacking and attacking the same person
over and over with no resolute. I want to help when you need it and now I
can if you play my game!! GAME LAUNCH SHOULD BE 8 WEEKS AT MOST for public play!!! And 4
to 6 weeks for BETA TESTERS..

The game is complete except for some backend code..
This is where my programmer is stepping in to make all my code, and database
tables work. I hope you all like it! I have worked very hard for you.. -Godfather 


Nov, 10th 2009

Today's News:      


As we
move into mid November I am in the process of creating new Mobster
Protection Tags and Stamps for Facebook Mobsters and Mobsters 2
Vendetta. I will be adding some new items to the collection such as
cars like the Corvette and Mustang. Their will be some new choppers,
a couple choppers, skateboard, animals, faces, and some other neat


Today's News:      


the tags I make are free to post in the game. You are welcome to
modify any of my work for you own personal use in the game. This
doesn't mean take my work back to you site and change it a little or
sign the end and claim it as yours.  If you want tags on your
site you need to email me at because taking
my work is plagiarism and against the law. 

All I
do in the game is make tags and avatars.  Again please don't
take my work back to your site...  If you want to be part of my
site then lets talk about banner exchange.. Other wise your ISP will
get a letter from my lawyer and your site will go down.


Protection Tags:  

Make no mistake. This is a business and a completely free service to
those in the game.  I DON'T CHARGE FOR ANYTHING HERE! Nor do I
charge to make changes to tags.
You just have to wait in line. Send Tag Request to  (

Thank you family,

 -Godfather Text Art


I am the
Creator of Mobsters Tags & Comments®™ I'm also known as Godfather Textart and
I am a Mobster Protection Tag and Stamp maker and these are some of
the mobster tags & comments I have made.  My tags are formatted
to work in myspace mobsters.  I am reformatting them to work in
Facebook Mobsters and Mobsters 2 Vendetta. I will have a whole new
level of mobsters tags and tag art because of the formatting. It
opens the door for new and cooler creations.

Their are over 100
mobster tags below to choose from just SCROLL DOWN..  Then copy and past like your mobsters page. Get
all your mobster protection tags right here from the source at

My tags are the original tags
created by me 5150 Sicilian and modified to keep you out of trouble
with Playdom and Myspace. I have removed any profanity or comments
from my protection tags and stamps to keep you from getting muted in
mobsters on myspace and facebook.



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  1. I am working on the sites and my games as well as working a full time job that has me putting in over 40 hours each week. So please be patient as I try to catch up.

  2. I have also been putting together mobsites for new and older families that have come on board to my hosting. Please take a look!,,, and several others have moved into my hosting and site template.

    If you are interested please let me know. You can find examples and pricing on my site under the mobsite link.

  3. It’s a sad day in mobsters and mobsters ville! I am one of the few sites left for mobsters on myspace and facebook.

    Many mobsites have shut down due to TOS or they just weren’t making money anymore.. Or even worse they burned many many mobsters and mobster players for cash and there accounts.

    Not many of us own our sites or pay for hosting. I do though becuse I want to take care of the fans.. Its why my mob tags, mob stamps, mobsters stamps, mob protection comments, protection tags, comment wall tags, and mobster protection tags are still up on my site..

    Today I am considering updating my site and making things more simple for the users that are left in mobsters.

    I am not sure how many players are left as they keep shutting mobsters down on all the sites that host it.

    Playdom has a way of burning there fan base.. I think it’s sad that they closed mobsters on facebook. They are just pushing users around..

    But if you still play mobsters on myspace.. Come grab some tags from my site to post in the app… ( dont take them to your site that violates my TOS and I will DMCA your hosting until you pull them )

    Yes I make them.. I made over 90% of the mobster protection tags in the mobsters app. I have spent hundreds of hours of time away from my family and fun weekends to do this for the app so dont be a succka and take my stuff like a punk..

    And last but not least.. I have started making my own games.. If you like mobsters you will love my games cause they are faster! the look better! and they work correctly on any browser!!

    Check out my first app before I make my mob games.. Earn some free game bucks that you can take with you to the mob apps I am making..

    If your interested.. Give it a try before we go live..
    Angler Wars - Worlds Top Angler - Fishon Edition

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